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    If Falcon Studios had started in the mid-60s instead of the mid-70s, I think their shoots would have looked like this.

  • Christopher Scott brings unsuspecting buds Derek Cameron, Paul Morgan and Damon Wolf to the club, where they quickly find themselves the slaves of leather-clad dominators Mike Branson, Jeff Palmer, Travis Wade, Buck Meadows, Brian Cruise and star in the making Michel Lucas. The action is fast and furious, one of the best orgies ever filmed. Cameron bottoms his heart out, while Palmer and Wade help boss the boys around. After a double penetration with Cameron getting fucked by Cruise and Palmer, the men shoot their loads.

  • Javier Duran is busy sucking Clint Cooper’s thick cock. Clint in turn is busy fellating Scott Davis’ hard dick. Stripped down to a jockstrap, Jeremy Jordan gets down on his hands and knees and dives into a smorgasbord of big juicy manmeat, namely Scott’s, Javier’s and Clint’s huge and tasty pricks. Clint plays with Jeremy Jordan’s smooth round ass while he busily sucks him off; then Clint and Anthony Cox join in the mix, with Jeremy and Clint taking turns swallowing both Anthony’s and Javier’s rods. Scot lays back and Jeremy squats over his cock; the others help push and pull him onto the erect piece of meat. Javier and Anthony then take turns fucking jeremy, his legs spread wide apart to welcome each hard deliberate thrust. Excited with the assault on his ass, Jeremy jacks himself off as each man unloads all over him.

  • Jack Dillon, Shawn Justin, Sal Antonio and Dillon Reid celebrate their Kumbaya moment locked in each other’s warm embrace. Their circle of intimacy becomes a four-man buffet of non-stop sucking and fucking that has them all feeling the love.

  • Colby Taylor likes it early in the day and he welcomes Shane Lancourt for a morning workout. The two men feed on each other, running their hands and mouths over each other’s bodies. They take turns sucking cocks and nipples, jamming their tongues inside each other’s cracks…working themselves into a frenzy. Shane rides Colby’s stiff hard prick, then together they stroke themselves to orgasm.

  • Colby Taylor and Nicholas Clay both stick their big dicks down Rick Matthews’s throat while they kiss and lick each other. Then Colby and Rick lick and suck on Nicholas’s tool, until Colby and Nicholas pin Rick to the futon. Colby fucks him deep in his ass, while Nicholas ferociously fucks Rick’s face. Nicholas then takes his turn fucking Rick, while Colby shoves his dick in Nicholas’s face as he watches Nicholas pound Rick’s ass. They’re soon blowing their loads all over the futon.

  • Ricky Price runs back to his room to tell Tommy Hart that Matt Bradshaw’s staying in the same resort. Seeing how turned on Ricky is, Tommy whips out his prick and starts fucking Ricky’s throat. Ricky lays back on the hearth, ankles in the air, as Tommy fingers and tongues his hungry fuck hole. They move to the bed, stroking each other’s cocks until Ricky can wait no longer and takes Tommy’s manmeat deep up his ass like the dog he is.

  • Jeff Palmer exerts his dominance over cock pig Christopher Scott, one of the most talented bottoms in the business. After face fucking Scott, Palmer plugs his ass with butt plugs and his cock, with a dildo/cock double penetration spreading Scott’s hole even wider.

  • Proving he can deliver the goods, paperboy Zach Richards humps Colby Taylor while getting his asshole fingered. Zack peels Colby’s jeans off, pulls the massive cock out and sucks it down his throat. He then pays homage to Colby’s ass, eating it out. Zach then climbs aboard Colby’s face and gets reamed, his hole twitching with excitement and aching for some plundering. So laying back on the couch, Zach spreads his legs wide apart and Colgy thrusts his hard cock inside. Zach flips around and Colby continues the ass-packing. Sitting side by side, the two jocks stroke themselves to orgasm.

  • Adam Hart eyes Nick Chevalier and Rick Matthews making out by the pool, then quickly joins in the fun. The two young men immediately dive for Adam’s cock, each sucking the hardened rod of this desert golden boy. The swallow his dick, gulping his balls into their mouths, burying their tongues insise his crack. Then the trio quickly goo inside to the gym and continue the full body workout. Adam breaks a ssweat as he face-fucks Nick and Rick. The three men form a daiy chain with Adam fucking Rick while sucking Nick’s stiff cock. Then they swing into different positions…Adam jams his cock deep in his buddies’ asses and blows his load over their faces.

  • The orgy continues with more action, as superhung Tom Chase enters the fray to handle Christopher Scott. Buck Meadows also returns with his huge cock to fill Steve Pierce. The two get fucked side-by-side, with the tops grabbing dildos to finish the job.

  • A morning hard-on wakes Jason Branch while Mitchell Stevens showers on the patio. Jason strokes his massive dick, and before long these beefy men are sucking and fucking. Jason shoves his nightstick deep into Mitchell and makes him whimper, then flips him over and fucks his tight ass. They’re soon jerking their cocks, and moaning loudly as they cover one another in hot cum.

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